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We are thrilled that Jason came to meet Chaos. Talk about

the perfect match, these two are already bonded! Jason grew

up with a deaf dog in his family and understands just what a deaf

dog needs and that we just communicate with them a bit differently.

Happy Day..... 

Chaos is an Australian Shepherd, Border Collie cross so you know he is smart! He is approx. 2 years old and deaf. He is a happy boy, full of life and looking for adventure! This boy is looking for a home that can give him a job and lots of room to run. Gets along great with kids and other dogs. Do you have room in your heart for this special guy?? Fenced yard required.


What a great girl we have here! Ruby is a Catahoula and Australian Shepherd mix, approx. 10 months old with a great personality! Although she is deaf, she knows how to sit and down with hand signals and is eager to learn more. Ruby came to us because the home in which she use to live have a couple of giant breed dogs that picked on her, therefore she can be a bit shy at first. Full of energy and ready to be part of your family! She comes fully vetted and is house trained.

SCOUT - ADOPTED 3/15/2013!

We would like to introduce you to Scout. He just turned 1 year old in January and is the brother to our sanctuary sweetheart, Eli. Scout is very high energy, gets along with everyone he meets and that includes dogs too! His right hip is compromised by what is known as 'straight legs'. Unlike his brother, he has an issue with the right hip only. This is not hip dysplasia, he is not in any pain and will probably never need any corrective surgery. At this point he received supportive care which is a Glyco-Flex II which is for joint and connective tissue support. If you would like to learn more, please visit

He is currently being professionally trained at Camp K-9 and will soon be ready to become a member of your family. If you are interested in adopting this wonderful boy and would like to discuss his condition, please feel free to contact us and we can talk about it. Thanks!


Ila is a Mini Aussie, 2-3 years old and about 35lbs. She is deaf and blind in her left eye. This little darling is your typical velcro aussie, smart as a whip and will come to you fully vetted, microchipped and housetrained. Truly a delightful little doll! She gets along with the other dogs and pays no attention to the cats. 

FILBERT - ADOPTED 2/19/2013!

I'd like you to meet Filbert, our little nut! He is a mini Doxie, piebald in color and approx 2.5 years old. He is doing fabulous in foster care where he has been house trained, gets along with all of his doggie friends and does well with the kids. This extremely handsome boy was born deaf and visually impaired. He has had his right eye removed and has a coloboma in his left. He has enough vision in his left eye to get around just fine! He is loved by all who meet him, he is a ton of fun with personally plus! You could say he has the "IT" factor.....


What a great all around dog Tamale is! This Aussie mix is approx. 1.5 years old and is the biggest goofball I have ever met, I mean just look at those ears. He is blind, but he does see shapes and shadows out of his right eye. He does not have any trouble negotiating his way around. He seems to have bilateral hearing loss as well. He will require a fenced yard and someone committed to his continued obedience training. Tamale would make a great family dog as he loves kids and other dogs, but is also ready to be your hiking/running partner for the person with an active lifestyle. Seriously, the happiest dog I have ever met! Being blind certainly does not affect his quality of life. He gets along great with every dog he meets and does not seem to notice the cats. He comes fully vetted. Just drop us a line or give us a call if you are interested in making Tamale a part of your family.



It's official, Riley is adopted and we couldn't be more thrilled! He is off to Rockford, WA with his new family where Kayla will be training him with hand signals for her school project. Riley is in love with his new family too.....


What a lucky boy Newman is! His foster mom Diana adopted him. Not only will she give him the very best life has to offer, but she is going to continue to foster for us. Great day for everyone I guess you could say! I'm not sure who looks happier in this picture..... Thanks Diana for all you do for the Sanctuary.


What a lucky girl, Marla was adopted today by Brad and his dog Mort! She will join their family and be living a great life in Spokane. Just look at the happy family!

Marla is an Australian Cattle Dog mix, black with patches of blue merle, gold eyes, approx. 1 year old, medium size weighing about 56 pounds. She is spayed, up to date with her shots and ready to find a loving home. Oh, and she only has three legs. But don't tell her that, she is as fast as the wind and living life big! We do not have any history on this happy girl, so here is what we do know. Marla is extremely focused and is a super charged, high energy dog. We strongly discourage her going to a home with cats! However, she gets along beautifully with all of the other dogs big and small here at the ranch. She would do fine in a home with or without another dog but will need her new owner to be her pack leader. She would also benefit from continued training. If you have the love and the time to spend with her please let us know. We would love for you to meet her.


Wow, now that was fast! Lula has been adopted before we could even post her on the website. This beautiful toy Aussie is just 3 months old and is pictured with her new family member Katrina. Look how happy they both are! Now I would call that a perfect match..... Thanks for loving her Katrina!


Dyna is an Aussie mix, approx. 1 year old, that needs an owner who is dog savvy, experienced and willing to be the pack leader! Not only is she a bit of a bully, she is deaf. This little power-pack has a very engaging personality, brilliant blue eyes and a white coat with a few brown spots. This mis-understood girl has been bounced around and been a regular at the shelter. We believe she has not been given a chance simply because her previous placements were not a good match for her needs. Dyna is sweet, confident, wants to know where you are every second, and truly wants to please. She is learning hand signals and doing very well as she is super smart. She is a great candidate for agility training. She would do best as an only dog as she likes to 'pester' the other dogs, but on the other hand does just fine with other confident dogs. Dyna is very active and always on the move so please consider this when determining if your lifestyle will benefit her needs. She will need a fenced yard with plenty of room to run and someone willing to continue with her training. She is faithful to a fault and would love to go everywhere with you and sleep next to you on the bed! Oh, and she is a cat chaser! If you are that special someone that can give this wonderful girl her own home forever, please contact us for an adoption application. We do not ask for an adoption fee but rather a donation to the Ranch if you are able to do so. Thank you!


Lexi is a beautiful Aussie mix, approx 1 year old. She was picked up by Animal Control in Spokane and nobody came to claim her. Probably just as well, the only trick she knew at the time was how to belly crawl out of fear. She has been with Double J Dog Ranch since September and has developed into a wonderful, confident dog! She is now walking on a leash, knows how to sit and is working on the rest of her basic obedience commands.

Lexi is gentle, sweet and yes, still a bit shy at times. Her eyes are both brown on top and blue on the bottom and she has short white fur with some colored patches. She is high energy and plays very well with the other dogs. She does however like to chase the cats that run. She has never hurt one, but this may be a consideration for a potential adopter.

Her ideal situation would be a home with another dog, a fenced yard and someone willing to continue with her training. She is loyal and wants to be near her person. A working ranch or an active lifestyle (running, hiking, kids to play with) is preferred as this girl needs a job to do.

If Lexi sounds like the perfect girl for you, please contact us for an adoption application and to set up an appointment to meet her. We do not require an adoption fee for our animals but rather ask for a donation to our Ranch if you choose to do so. Thank you.6699

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