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Bunny is the "Original" Bumble Gang member. She was our first Double Merle Aussie and the inspiration behind DJDR.   As such, we refer to her as one of the Founders of DJDR.  She is deaf, blind and the most wonderful dog one could hope to have by their side. She is a perfect example of how smart and incredible dogs with special needs are.  She has everyone she meets in awe, not only because of her beauty and fun personality, but how well she is trained with touch commands.  We are in 'awe' of her on a daily basis, she is our  fearless and loving Bunny Bumble!  Above is her baby picture and she is now 10 years old and in semi-retirement at the ranch.


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Bean is the one of the most beautiful dogs you will ever meet and we refer to him as our 'show pony'.   He is deaf and quite visually challenged but non the less, he is enjoying everyday at the ranch to the fullest! This fella was blessed with the X factor and is loved by all who meet him.  Bean-O is a valued member of our educational outreach program.


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Dudley is our deaf Aussie who spends most of his days rounding up all of the bones and stockpiling them in the woods (Hoarder).  He also makes it challenging in the summer to get any of the blackberries and raspberries on the property as he is always there first!!  Dudley has his CGC and is a valued member of our educational outreach program.


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This is our Aussie, Sir Eldon John!  He is our self appointed 'watch dog' at the ranch and if he catches you, he will smother you in kisses!   He is deaf, blind in his right eye and dreams of performing on Broadway one day as he is quite the singer!  Eldon has also earned his CGC and is a valuable member of our educational outreach team!


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Awe yes, the boys... the Kentucky boys. Hooper and Tonka are Aussie's from Kentucky who were found on the side of the highway as puppies.  They are brothers and they are both blind and deaf.   Both the boys have pure hearts and while Tonka is quite the running partner and loves the water, Hooper likes to stay closer to the ranch and keep everyone in order.  We are blessed to have their paw prints on our hearts. Just two of the most incredible dogs we have ever known. Our little hillbilly's.....

What can I say about our dynamic duo, deaf mini Aussie's Liam and Wesley.  They are attached at the hip and so comical they really should have their own cartoon!  Always on the move, these two delight where ever they go.  As valuable members of our educational outreach program, they are very well known for passing out kisses in our smooch-booth. They are so irresistible they work their magic helping us educate kids about deaf dogs .  

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